Can A Blender Be Used As A Food Processor? (How to Use)

Many people have the question of whether they can use a blender as a food processor

Yes, a blender can do the same job as a food processor. Even though you have to change a few settings on the blender, you can make a few dishes that can also be made in a food processor. This is because a food processor can do more of what a blender can do than the other way around.

Before we learn how to do that, we will first look at how a blender and a food processor work on their own.

How A Food Processor Works

A food processor is a common kitchen tool that uses spinning blades to cut food. It needs very little liquid to blend, slice, chop, dice, and grate.

Fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc. can be put in through a chute, and the razor-sharp blades will do the rest.

It can also mix certain foods together to make sauces or salad dressing. This is why it is called a versatile appliance. It helps you make food more quickly.

It comes mostly in three basic sizes: mini, compact, and full. It has a bowl, a lid, a tube for feeding, and a few other attachments. The motor is near the bottom.

Depending on how big the processor is, the motor gets stronger as the size gets bigger. The weight makes the item stable while you’re using it.

The motor is connected to a shaft, and the bowl and lid are usually made of clear, durable plastic.

You put the food into the machine through a tube called the “feed tube,” and then you use a “plunger” to move it forward. It has a shredding disc that grinds things like vegetables, apples, cheese, etc., quickly and well in less than a minute.

How A Blender Works

A food blender is another very useful kitchen tool. It has strong, fast-spinning blades that can blend foods like nuts, fruits, vegetables, and even herbs. It is the right choice if you want to make juice, puree, soup, or anything else with liquid.

It has a base and a tall container that looks like a pitcher on top. The pitcher or jar can be easily taken off so that it is easy to pour.

There are a few buttons or settings on a food blender. Pour the fruit, vegetable, or whatever else you want to blend into the jar, and then connect the jar to the base or the motor. The blender has a start button on the bottom or side.

When you press that button, the motor will start to turn the blades quickly in a circle. This will make it easier and faster to mix everything together.

How to use a blender as a food processor?

As was already said, you can use your blender as a food processor, but you may need to change a few settings here and there.

Blenders and food processors do almost the same thing. People often use them in very different ways, and some people keep them in their kitchens for their own uses, but you can use them interchangeably for many foods.

  • First, you will need to adjust the speed setting and Slow Down the Process of Blending.
  • Blenders work at a very high speed and liquefy solid food in less than 60 seconds. This process is much faster than food processors. You will need to change several settings from puree or liquid to a normal one.
  • Blenders are known to make drinks, purees, or juices; in a food processor, you mainly chop food or smaller chunks. Do not add any liquids as this will allow you to have a thicker texture, just like a food processor.

You can do everything else with a blender, except chop, shred, slice, or grate food. This is not something that a blender can do at all. You need a knife to cut and chop fruits and vegetables.

Here’s a simple version of which recipes you can prepare in the given appliances:

Recipe Food Processor Blender
Smoothie No Yes
Butter Yes Adequately
Dressing Adequately Yes
Soup/ Puree No Yes
Minced/ Chopped Vegetables Yes No
Shredded Cheese Yes No
Dough Adequately Yes


Blenders and food processors may do some of the same things, but they do them in different ways. Even though a blender can be used instead of a food processor for a few dishes, it is still not a very good choice.

For example, you can use a blender instead of a food processor to make soups, smoothies, ice creams, and slushies that are thicker.

If you want to have an easy time in the kitchen, we suggest that you look for a separate food processor instead of trying out different things. Food processors are useful and come in handy in the kitchen.

But if it’s a little out of your price range. You can always use knives or a vegetable chopper, which is easy and won’t cost you much.

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