How to Get Burnt Popcorn Smell Out of Your House (& Microwave)

Almost everyone who has ever prepared popcorn has occasionally overcooked it. Then you are all too aware of how long the stench of burnt popcorn lingers. Here’s how to eliminate the burnt popcorn smell in a kitchen if this sounds familiar.

The quickest technique to eliminate the smell of burnt popcorn in a house is to take the popcorn out and microwave a cut lemon in a dish of water for three minutes. Baking soda added to water can also aid in odor eradication.

Next, open windows and doors and turn on ceiling fans too.
One of the worst odors in your house is the burnt smell of popcorn. This tutorial will provide the following methods to deal with the burnt popcorn odor to eliminate the offensive scent within your microw

Why does burnt popcorn smell linger?

Many people do not understand why the burnt popcorn smell persists for such a long time.

The first thing you need to know is this before deciding how to eliminate the overpowering smell of burnt food. Even if you burned cinnamon rolls or jasmine rice, you could still need to remove these odors from your house.

2-Acetyl-1-pyrroline is the fragrance component that causes the smoke odor to remain after the popcorn has burned. Both bread and jasmine rice contain this chemical.

This one is one of the smells that linger in your house or business.

How do you get the smoke smell out of your house after burning popcorn?

You must remove the leftover popcorn from your home as soon as possible. This is the scent’s source. Thus, it must be removed and disposed of outside in the garbage to prevent the smell from spreading.

Cutting a lemon in half and placing it in a bowl that can be used in the microwave works wonders for eliminating the horrible smell of burned food. Lemon water and juice both work well as natural air fresheners.

Put your lemons in a big basin with a cup of water, and then microwave it for about three minutes. Before you open the microwave, give it around 15 minutes.

White vinegar, apple cider vinegar, and baking soda can all be used similarly.

One or two cups of water with these ingredients should be microwaved for around three minutes. Adding and combining these ingredients with water has the same effect as chopping some lemons to freshen the microwave’s odour.

Orange peels in water, vanilla extract in water, or aromatic oils in water are alternatives to vinegar if you dislike how it smells. Also, some people may microwave coffee grinds in a tiny bowl.

Put the coffee in the microwave overnight to get rid of the smell of burned food.

If you don’t want to use cups of vinegar or lemon halves to refresh your kitchen, running the range fans while this open container is in the microwave can be a terrific first step in eliminating the smell of burned food.

Foul odours from an open microwave can be significantly reduced with the help of air movement.

You may also eliminate unpleasant aromas from burnt yellow butter, your favourite scented spices, or movie night popcorn using soapy water, vinegar water, and a damp cloth.

Use cotton balls and nail polish remover without acetone to remove stains at the burn site.

Does Febreze get rid of a burnt smell?

If you’re attempting to remove burnt scents from clothing, carpets, and furniture, Febreze can be a significant help. When you open the microwave door after burning something, Febreze, similar to fabric softener, can help eliminate the burned smell.

Use a Febreze spray bottle to eliminate unpleasant odours and restore the ability to breathe fresh air in your home.

If you have a garbage can or other container that stinks, Febreze can significantly help. Even plastic bag products that smell like Febreze or fresh lemons are available.

This can be an excellent solution for odour problems, and you can combine it with portable electric fans to add freshness to the air.
As Febreze truly eliminates odours in the air, it is superior to other sprays that change the fragrance of the air. This implies that once the air freshener’s perfume-like scent has worn off, the unpleasant odours you attempt to eliminate won’t return.

When using a room spray or another generic product with a pleasant scent, you might have to simultaneously contend with two overpowering odours.

Is the smell of burnt popcorn harmful?

The smell of burning popcorn could negatively impact your health.

The next time you burn popcorn at home, you might think twice. Many people mistakenly believe that the toxic smell of burned popcorn is only a bother, but it may also be harmful.

When you discover that your coffee cup or slices of bread smell like burned food, consider the health hazards of this unpleasant odour. Just being around burned food could be detrimental to your health.

Besides stains and the potential fire hazard, more dangers are associated with burned meals in your house and kitchen.

Investing in a popcorn machine is one way to make popcorn that can help reduce the chance of burned popcorn. Nevertheless, are our popcorn makers worthwhile?


If you follow these suggestions, you should have no trouble removing the scent of cooking or popcorn in your house or kitchen.

Burned, offensive odours should be removed quickly because leaving them in your home can harm your health. Everyone dislikes the smell of burned food, and these deodorizing techniques will help you eliminate it from your clothing and other items.

Using baking soda, lemon slices, or vinegar water to clean up and freshen the air immediately will keep your home smelling good after burning popcorn.

The sooner you use these remedies to eliminate burned popcorn odours, the more probable you will be able to get rid of the odour permanently.

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