Professional Grade Kitchen Appliances

Top 5 Professional Grade Kitchen Appliances to Get You Cooking

Professional Grade Kitchen Appliances Make the Difference

1. A 36-inch Dual Fuel Range

Thor Kitchen HRD3606U – 36 Inch Dual Fuel Range
This professional-grade range is perfect for your kitchen because it can use both gas and electricity. Because the best chefs everywhere know that gas cooktops produce better results and electric heat in the oven is much better for even cooking.

The range is made of stainless steel, which works well in almost any style of kitchen. The stove top has 6 burners, and the oven has an electric broiler. Score!

2. A 36-inch Induction Cooktop

The HIC3601 from Thor Kitchen is a 36-inch induction cooktop.
Learn about the many benefits of induction cooking if you want to find out about the newest trend in cooktops and a new way to enjoy cooking. When you do, you’ll want this induction cooktop in black.

Induction cooktops are easier to clean and maintain. They also heat food faster than any other method and always stay cool to the touch. This model has 5 elements (burners), touch controls, and safety features to keep kids from getting hurt. It looks good and works well because of how well-designed it is.

3. A 48-inch Professional Gas Range

Thor Kitchen LRG4801U – 48 Inch Gas Range Double Oven
Do you cook a lot, but get frustrated when you can’t fit everything you need to in the oven? If so, you might need another oven. Don’t worry, it’s not an impossible dream.

This 48-inch gas range made of stainless steel has two ovens, so you can have twice as much fun in the kitchen. The first oven is 4.6 cubic feet, and the second is 2.2 cubic feet, which is smaller. On top of these ovens, there are six heavy cooking grates made of cast iron. At the very bottom, there is a large drawer for storing pots, pans, and cookie sheets.

Because this range is durable, you can cook more in your kitchen without worrying about breaking your other appliances.

4. A 36-inch Professional Range Top

Thor Kitchen HRT3618U is a professional 36-inch gas range top.
Need a range top but already have a wall oven? This six-burner professional range top made of stainless steel could be just what you need to start cooking. Even the most delicate cooktops can’t always handle how rough your kitchen can be. If that sounds like your situation, you might be better off with a range top.

This is a 36-inch range top that is built in. And because the finish is shiny, it looks great in almost any kitchen style. It comes with heavy cast iron grates on the burners so they can handle the way you cook in your kitchen. Also, these grates can be taken off so they are easy to clean.

With features like an extra-low simmer and the ability to turn it into a gas range top, it won’t take you long to realise it’s your favourite appliance to cook your favourite meal.

5. A 36-inch Professional Gas Range

Thor Kitchen LRG3601U is a 36-inch professional gas range
This is a great choice for most kitchens if you don’t have a wall oven but need a full range. Its standard size and beautiful stainless steel finish allow it to fit in and flow well.

Bakers will love this range in particular. It has a 6-cubic-foot oven with a convection fan made for commercial use. That means that your food will be cooked the same way no matter where you put it inside. Also, there are six burners on the stove.

The heavy-duty cast iron grates make this a reliable appliance for any kitchen.


Anyone can be motivated to cook if their kitchen is set up and ready to go. These Thor Kitchen appliances are well made to give you the best time in the kitchen. Find something that makes you want to cook, and get it. Then get ready to make some tasty things with your new tools.

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