These Are the Best Keurig Coffee Pods You Can Buy Now

No matter how you like your coffee, a Keurig machine is the easiest and most convenient way to make it, especially if you live in a small space or want to save money. You could get out your coffee grinder, kettle, and French press, or you could grab a K-Cup and have steaming fresh coffee in about 60 seconds. Not only that, but K-Cups have grown to include some of your favorite roasts and flavors from some of your favorite coffee stores and brands. Since there are so many different kinds of K-Cups, we decided to try 20 of them to see which ones were the best.

How We Tested

Together, my friend and I tried 20 different K-cups and made notes about the strength of the brew, how sweet it was, and how the coffee tasted in general. As a Keurig user, I’ve tried a lot of different Keurig coffees, so I chose these 20 to try because I felt confident about them. During testing, we found that many dark-roasted coffees hide the fact that they don’t have much flavor. We also found that some of the flavor pods had way too much sugar and others had just the right amount. Here are the seven K-Cups that we think every Keurig owner should always have on hand.

Since it was first published, this article has been checked for accuracy, pricing, and availability. We stand by our list of the best K-Cup coffee pod flavors, and we hope that Wandering Bear Extra Strong Pods, which were sold out at the time of our review, will be back in stock soon.

1. Trücup Low Acid Coffee- Stuck in the Middle Medium Roast

This coffee is not only low in acid, which makes it great for people with sensitive stomachs or acid reflux, but it was also the best cup of the day overall. We all agreed that it is well-balanced and easy to listen to. It even tastes a little bit sweet. Plus, the pods can be used with both Keurig and Nespresso machines, and they break down naturally. People, what you’re looking at is the recipe for success.

2. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Nantucket Blend

This is a medium blend with hints of caramel, chocolate, and smoke that make it feel a little bit like a French roast. Even though it has a lot of strong flavors, it’s pretty light and, as my friend put it, “approachable.”

3. Starbucks Pumpkin Spice

The famous taste of pumpkin spice! This guy doesn’t smell as strong as the syrup-covered latte you can buy in stores, but it still smells like fall. The coffee is medium-roasted, and it has hints of pumpkin, cinnamon, and nutmeg. It’s hearty and full of flavor, and it’s a great way to add fall flavors to your morning drink without making it too sweet.

4. The Original Donut Shop Vanilla Latte

Remember when Keurig machines first came out and all you could think about was the fact that you could now make a latte at home? This is what was expected. It has a lot of sugar and is very frothy and milky. Even my friend thought it was the best thing we had done all day. One thing I would suggest is to use the 8-ounce setting instead of the 10-ounce setting. This will give you more of a coffee flavor.

5. Peet’s Coffee Big Bang

This is a wonderful medium roast. It has hints of tropical fruit, but it is still very smooth and not too sour. It’s pretty strong, so we’d add a little milk and a pinch of sugar to bring out the fruit flavors.


Keurig coffee pods are a convenient and popular option for coffee lovers who want to enjoy a quick and easy cup of coffee at home or in the office. They come in a wide range of flavors, strengths, and origins, allowing people to customize their coffee experience to their liking. However, some concerns have been raised about the environmental impact of single-use coffee pods and the potential for lower quality coffee due to the pre-ground coffee used in the pods. Overall, the choice of whether to use Keurig coffee pods or not will depend on personal preferences, convenience, and values surrounding sustainability and waste reduction.

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