Top 5 Best 24 Inch Gas Range Buyer’s Guide (2023)

A 24 inch gas range is a versatile and high-performing appliance that is ideal for any home kitchen. These ranges are designed to offer exceptional cooking performance with precise temperature control, and they are perfect for serious cooks and food enthusiasts who demand the best in terms of cooking capability and convenience.

With a 24 inch gas range, you get a larger cooking surface, more burners, and a variety of features that make it easier to prepare a wide range of dishes. Many models include high-quality burners with varying heat outputs, allowing you to adjust the temperature to suit the specific requirements of each recipe. You’ll also find that some 24 inch gas ranges come with additional features such as built-in griddles, convection ovens, and self-cleaning functions.

In addition to the many functional benefits of a 24 inch gas range, these appliances are also available in a wide variety of styles and finishes to complement your kitchen décor. From sleek stainless steel to classic black or white finishes, there’s a 24 inch gas range that’s perfect for any home.

Overall, if you’re looking for a high-performance gas range that offers exceptional cooking capability, convenience, and versatility, a 24 inch gas range is an excellent choice. Whether you’re cooking for a large family or just love to experiment in the kitchen, a 24 inch gas range will help you achieve culinary success with ease.

Our 5 Best 24″ Gas Ranges

1. Best Value: Haier 24″ Freestanding Gas Range


This freestanding range from Haier meets all of our needs. It has a modular background and a classic but compact design. This is a small but powerful range that people on a budget can afford. One thing I like about this gas range is that it has heavy-duty cast iron grates, which you don’t often see in other gas ranges.

On the cooktop, there is also a triple-ring burner, which not only lets you cook with high heat but can also fit pots and pans that are quite big. This oven’s BTU range is from 5000 to 1800.

This small and compact gas range comes with a convection oven, so you can cook and bake a large meal for a family at the same time. The oven has options for convection baking, regular baking, and broiling.

It has two oven racks that can easily fit up to five rack positions. When you want to cook healthy meals quickly, the broiling function in the oven is helpful. There is a fan in the back of the oven, which helps bake things evenly and makes them taste better. Lastly, the halogen lighting inside this is beautiful.


  • Edge to edge cooktop
  • Heavy-duty cast-iron grates
  • 2.9 Cu. Ft. capacity
  • 4 sealed burners
  • Halogen interior lighting
  • In-oven broiling
  • Convection oven baking
  • Gas fan convection
  • Stainless steel finish


  • Not found

2. Easy to Clean: GE Freestanding/Slide-in Gas Range

This gas range from GE has heavy cast grates and cooktops that go all the way to the edges. This makes it great for a wide range of cooking styles. The cooktops work well because they have a large cooking surface that can fit pots and pans of different shapes and sizes.

The burners on the stove top are also sealed, so even if something gets spilled on them, they are easy to clean. This slide-in gas range has controls on the front that make it easy to use both the stovetop and the oven.

Most people, including me, find it harder to clean up after cooking than to do the cooking itself. But with this gas range’s easy steam clean technology, you can easily clean your stovetop without spending a lot of time and energy scrubbing all the dirt and debris away.

When it comes to how this magical appliance looks and feels, the range has a modular background that you can use to give it a traditional look. Or, you can just flip it down, which makes this freestanding gas range look like it slides in.


  • Edge to edge cooktops
  • Large cooking surface
  • In-oven broil feature
  • 4 sealed burners
  • Steam clean technology
  • Uses natural gas
  • Stainless steel finish


  • Thermostat is faulty
  • Quality control is weak

3. Summit RG244WS 24″” Freestanding Gas Range

This gas range is the best and most efficient for small kitchens. The big oven on the 24 in. range has a clear door and good lighting inside so you can see what you’re cooking. On two racks that can be taken off, there is a sensor-based braking system with four settings. The broiler is in the bottom drawer. It has a vintage metal finish, knobs that turn and match in colour, and a handle that is easy to hold.

This model has four sealed burners and an electrical spark light to make cooking better and faster. One burner with 12,000 BTUs makes cooking bigger pots faster. Two regular burners with 9,500 BTUs and a smaller burner with 5,000 BTUs are also available for cooking at lower temperatures.

With long-lasting enamelled grating, the tall blackguard can protect your walls from leaks. This gas range is perfect for small kitchens in houses and apartments because it looks sleek and can be set at different heights.


  • Sealed Burners
  • Large oven window
  • Massive capacity
  • Powerful control knobs
  • Broiler Drawer
  • Elegant metal surface


  • Nothing as such

4. Premium Features: Verona Gas Range With Convection Oven

Made in Italy with fine craftsmanship, this meets all of our requirements for high-end features. So, it’s one of the best gas stoves you can buy. This gas range is 24 inches wide, has 4 sealed burners, and is made of stainless steel.

The range has 4 sealed burners that range from 3400 BTU to 12000 BTU, so you can choose between high and low power.

Both the knobs and the handles are made of a stylish material called chrome. This gas range has a beautiful look and design thanks to the porcelainized cast-iron grates and caps.

The oven has a turbo-electric convection fan and an oven surface made of porcelain that is easy to clean. The fan makes it possible to bake and cook evenly, and the full-width storage drawer gives you a lot of room for your pots and pans.

There are two heavy-duty racks and a bell timer on the infrared broiler. This one comes with a liquid propane kit as well.


  • Electronic ignition
  • Chrome knobs and handles
  • Turbo-electric convection fan
  • Heavy-duty racks
  • Porcelain oven surface
  • Easy to clean
  • Full-width storage drawer
  • Bell timer


  • Not found

5. Best No-frill: AVANTI 24″ Gas Range With Sealed Burners

This is one of the best freestanding gas ranges with a 24″ cooking surface. It has an automatic electronic ignition and a lot of features. If you want a good gas stove with no extra features, this is it. The stove has a capacity of 2.6 cu. ft. and has 4 sealed burners.

This range is made of beautiful black glass that will look great in almost any kitchen. The gas range looks nicer because the oven door is made of see-through glass. The oven also has a light inside the oven that can be turned on and off with a switch.

The racks for the oven and the tray for broiling come with the product. The waist-high broiler, storage drawer, backsplash, and levelling legs are some of the other main features.


  • Oven cavity light with on/off switch
  • See-through oven door
  • Automatic electronic ignition
  • Bake/broil oven features
  • 60-minute timer


  • Temperature control is not working
  • Dents are caused easily


In conclusion, a 24-inch gas range is a compact and efficient appliance that can be a great choice for those who have limited space in their kitchen or need a smaller cooking area. These ranges are typically designed with four burners, an oven, and a broiler, making them suitable for preparing a variety of meals.

One of the main advantages of a gas range is that it provides instant heat, which allows for faster and more precise cooking. Gas ranges are also generally more energy-efficient than electric ranges, which can result in lower utility bills over time.

When choosing a 24-inch gas range, it is important to consider factors such as the number and type of burners, oven capacity, and overall build quality. Some models may come with additional features such as a built-in timer, self-cleaning capabilities, or a convection oven for more even cooking.

Overall, a 24-inch gas range can be an excellent option for those who prioritize space efficiency and the benefits of gas cooking. However, it is important to do proper research and comparison before making a purchase to ensure that you choose a model that meets your specific cooking needs and preferences.

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