What are the best kitchen makeover ideas?

Do you want to update your kitchen? You may count on us for a plethora of kitchen makeover ideas. To help you get started, we enlisted the help of Amanda Reynal, owner of Amanda Reynal Interiors and a designer located in Des Moines, to offer some of her top interior design suggestions.

According to Reynal, “the kitchen is the most gathered-in room in today’s home,” whether for preparing elaborate dinners or ordering takeout, spending time with the family throughout the week, or hosting guests. All the more motivation to make this often used place the best it can be; we gather there for holiday baking sessions, birthday parties, and morning coffee.

After you’ve taken care of the essentials and established a reasonable budget, you can begin adding touches that make the room your own, such as colorful, glossy backsplashes, unique cabinet pulls, and high-quality metal fixtures for your sink and faucet.

A surprising aspect about kitchens is that, while much of the renovation effort will go toward fixing up the visible sections of the room, it’s crucial to remember the ceiling as well.Apart from this, you should know how to assemble a blender.

To achieve a rustic look, add wooden beams; for a more contemporary feel, go with a striking paint color. Continue reading for more of our top advice on how to make your own kitchen renovation a fashionable success.

Think about flow.

Is an open floor plan something you aim to implement in your currently occupied space? In that case, you should consider how you want your new kitchen to work. Will your kitchen serve as a gathering spot for mealtimes and conversation?

It’s important to have a sizable kitchen island with seating, but if you want your formal dining room to see regular use, you might want to reconsider putting in the effort to create a kitchen diner. It is also crucial that the design of both areas be congruent and mutually beneficial.

Create Plenty of Storage

Extra space for storing things is never a bad thing. “There are a lot of innovative and ingenious kitchen storage options that our clients love to use,” adds Reynal.

There are a number of methods to make the most of limited square footage, from storing dishes in deep drawers beneath the counter to concealing coffee bars behind closed doors. You can still keep things concealed even behind closed doors if you install pull-outs to make them more accessible.

Amplify the Lights

Reynal is a lighting enthusiast who suggests incorporating many lighting styles into a single room. We usually use pendants or multi-light chandeliers over the island, she explains.

She recommends recessed lighting, particularly on a dimmer if the kitchen is used for eating and entertaining, and flush or semi-flush surface-mounted lights to make the ceiling and the area below it feel bright and cheery. A must is lighting for underneath the cabinets.

Kitchen Makeover Ideas

Priortize form and function

Especially the stove hood and other more functional parts of your kitchen. We really like how the white, modern stove hood stands out against the black island and exposed brick beam in this kitchen, but doesn’t overpower them.

Reynal suggests you get the fundamentals down before you dive into a renovation. “When designing a kitchen, I put the needs of our customer and the functionality of the space first, and then I envisage a beautiful design surrounding the working area,” says one designer. Researching what is available within your price range will help you choose the appropriate materials and styles for your kitchen, which is an important factor if you are on a tight budget.

Elevate Your Hardware

“Hardware and “faucetry” can take a kitchen to the next level,” says Reynal. Reynal suggests perusing the options at your neighborhood plumbing and hardware store, from matte black to champagne bronze, to get a feel for what’s now available. “Warm-toned metals like brass have become more common,” he says.

Take into consideration of all cabinetry types

Think carefully about what kind of cabinetry you want. In your experience, are iterations beneficial when nothing is shown? Or, would a few glass-front alternatives improve the room by making it easier for toddlers to find their way around or allowing you to display your prized china collection?

See-through “window” cabinets may be just what your current space needs, but before you make a decision, weigh the positives (accessible and aesthetic) and drawbacks (finger smudges and constant curating).

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